Hurricane Florence – North Carolina Recovery Fast-Start Worker’s Comp Program

Hurricane Florence Recovery Could Take Years – North Carolina Worker’s Comp Insurance & FEMA Compliance Fast Start Program

Reconstruction costs  for North Carolina are now expected to be billions of dollars. There is a huge need for contractors and roofers to get to work. In North Carolina, however, you must have your regulatory ducks in a row or it can costs you everything!

You cannot work in North Carolina to help in the hurricane recovery or any other time with worker’s comp insurance!

An employer is not relieved of its liability under the Act by calling its employees “independent contractors.” Even if the employer refers to its workers as independent contractors and issues a Form 1099 for tax purposes, the Industrial Commission may still find that the workers were in fact employees based upon its analysis of several factors, including but not limited to the degree of control exercised by the employer over the details of the work.

North Carolina  investigators conduct routine job-site inspections to ensure Employer compliance with the Workers’ Compensation law. When an Employer is operating without the required coverage, civil enforcement action is taken. This most often results in the issuance of a Stop-Work Order, requiring that the business cease all operations until it complies with the law and pays a penalty.

The penalty is equal to 2 times the amount the employer would have paid in manual premium within the preceding two year period.

A Stop-Work Order may also be issued if an employer is not in compliance!

Federal emergency officials say they’re bracing to help with recovery efforts in North Carolina  and other states hard hit by Hurricane Florence for years to come. With billions of dollars in damages, there are many opportunities for contractors to help with the recovery. Hybrid Financial Group has a Fast-Start Program that can get you up and tuning immediately so you can get the contracts and get to work!

Working with a company like Hybrid Financial can help your company get a fast-start in meeting FEMA regulations and securing worker’s compensation insurance immediately. Call today 888-982-3334. Have your crews working as soon as tomorrow!

Hybrid Financial has a quick and easy program to get you up and running almost immediately so you can determine your hard costs, get employees on the job, and get to work while being fully compliant with all state and federal laws. This is a pay-as-you-go program so the startup costs are minimal.

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Hybrid Financial Group also has a Fast-Start Workers Program that can supply fully compliant employees at a set rate so that you know your exact hard costs so you can spend your time generating contracts and let us staff the workers at a set cost.

Offering the most affordable and easy to set-up roofers works comp insurance available:

  • Quick Underwriting
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  • No Termination Fees
  • Pay-As-You Go Worker’s Comp

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